Child Adoption Program (CAP)

If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children

- Mahatma Gandhi

Our vision is to see a world where people live in harmony. To do so, we must reach out to the grassroots of society which is the culture of its people.
Make The World Wonderful Society believes that to bring about a fundamental change in the culture of the society, we have to nurture children with values and right attitudes.

Every Child Counts

Every child is a precious resource; as tender as a seed just sown, as impressionable as clay that waits to be moulded.

Children are the greatest resource of any nation. Child Adoption Program (CAP) aims to groom every child into an empowered individual, irrespective of their background.


Creating future caretakers of India by imparting values and transferring positive attitudes to children

Developing the necessary skills required for them to become future professionals & support themselves and their family

Empowering the children into socially responsible citizens and agents of change


To cultivate the children into socially responsible citizens and professionals with strong character, we aim to take responsibility of the children by:

  • Fully sponsoring the education for children requiring it
  • Conducting workshops focused on personality development and key skills (including maintaining healthy relationships, creating win-win situations, communication skills, etc)
  • Regularly tracking each child’s progress and mentoring them all the while
  • As the children grow older, equipping them with the relevant skills for employment
  • In this way, the children can lead their lives in an effective way and be agents of harmony.

    Currently, our focus is on providing the above for children from rural backgrounds. We believe this will enable them to support themselves and their family. This will allow the children to raise themselves and their families out of poverty, and inspire others in their village.

    What We’re Doing

    Sponsorship of Education

    Sponsorship of Education

    The schooling and education of the children involved in the program is fully sponsored by Make The World Wonderful.
    Personal Development Training

    Personal Development Training

    Alongside their schooling, the children are trained in developing positive attitudes, values, and key life skills through carefully designed workshops.


    We believe that with consistent and committed mentoring, a child can be guided in a proper direction towards reaching their full potential.
    Professional Training

    Professional Training

    After the children reach an appropriate age and become youth, we focus on providing them with industry relevant training.

    Further Details

    At present, we have 47 children who are taking part in this program. 29 of these children who have reached the appropriate age are taking part in the professional trainings.
    Currently, iB Hubs has come forward to provide the professional training to these children. We are thankful to them for extending their support.

    Earlier, we raised these children in a residential environment for 3 years. The children stayed with us, and we took complete responsibility of them, including their education, health, food, accomodation, etc.

    Raising each child with utmost respect, we built the harmony we wanted to see in the world among these group of children first. As the children are growing older, we now want to equip them with professional skills required for employment. With this in mind, we have started this new approach.

    Watch this video to know more about the residential ecosystem we have raised the children in.