How We See The World Around Us And How We See Ourselves

Perceptions are how we see the world around us and how we see ourselves; they are the fundamental element in the formation of our beliefs, prejudices, biases and opinions.

Why Perceptions

We strongly believe that creating and raising awareness about perceptions plays an essential role in creating harmony in society.

  • An individual’s perceptions of their potential, life, relationships, and the society they live in is vital to their growth.
  • Many misperceptions strain our relationships with ourselves and the people around us.
  • The simple act of constantly checking and replacing the perceptions that hinder our growth and happiness with fresh ones that ensure our progress results in the increase of our productivity and happiness. This allows us to be in harmony with ourselves and with others.


Understanding perceptions is capable of creating a shift in one's thought process and greatly improving one’s personal growth.

  • It opens our eyes and encourages broader thinking by teaching us to look outside our own viewpoint.
  • Understanding perceptions helps us view day to day situations in a better way that increases overall satisfaction levels and growth.
  • It helps us try to understand another person’s thinking and perceptions. This develops a stronger sense of empathy in us; we are able to understand others views, opinions and actions at a deeper level and with less discrimination and judgement.
  • Every person is born and brought up in a different culture, environment and ecosystem. Based on the situations they have faced and experiences they have had, they form opinions and have their own perspectives. When we take the steps to understand their perceptions and cooperate, we are able to improve, build and sustain healthy relationships. Ultimately, this understanding increases harmony among people.

Our Program

Through this Perceptions Program, we create and raise awareness on perceptions and their importance. We want to spread the knowledge of the importance of perceptions in various schools, colleges and organizations across the country.

  • In fact, we are actively working to develop this as a course which can be introduced as a subject to school and college students. Having a strong grasp on the understanding of perceptions from a young age can immensely help in shaping the lives of the youth as they grow.
  • We have researched for long hours, met with qualified professionals, and spoke to many people before introducing perceptions to students.
  • We explained what perceptions are and the impact they already have had and could have on their lives. We have given presentations to over 4000 students from various colleges such as IITs, NITs, IIITs, BITS, etc.
  • After the session, many of them were able to appreciate the importance of perceptions, could apply this understanding in their lives and see themselves the difference it makes to their lives.