How we see the world and ourselves

Creating and raising awareness on perceptions, as having a good understanding of perceptions is important...

Child Adoption Program

Every Child Counts

Empowering children to bring about a fundamental change in society by transferring values and fostering right attitudes...

...and we’re doing all this with

100% Transparency

An open and transparent system ensures that every penny spent, every decision made and every action taken is accountable and open to public.

One Crore Children
From Financially Backward Families will be given Free 4.0 Education, For 5th-10th Class Students
It brings us great joy to work together with NxtWave’s committed team to empower children across the country on such a massive scale through this project! We look forward to empowering children to become socially responsible citizens, and role models - professionally and personally - and lead lives that impact many!

Our Campaign

In 2015, we raised a campaign to involve at least one lakh people across the world in this initiative by 2017.

We wanted to show the world how many of us believe that initiatives like Make The World Wonderful are needed in the world today!