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Our First Year of Making the World Wonderful

August 15th, 2016 by Meghana Dabbara

It's been over a year now since Make The World Wonderful launched its Transparency Module on Aug 15, 2015. There have been many developments along the way and the journey has been amazing!

We wholeheartedly thank each and everyone who supported and encouraged us, and made all this possible. With more support coming in, we're looking forward to accomplish many more things this year, in order to make the vision of a harmonious world come true.

The video above gives you a glance of what has happened during the past year!

We want to thank everyone who helped us release the video of making the world wonderful in this past year. The journey has been great, and it's portrayal has been depicted brilliantly. All the credit for video making goes to the guys that did it all, thanks again!